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Kube coin review||Kube coin price prediction||is Kube coin legit||

This article will offer a comprehensive overview of Kubecoin: KUBE, covering the cryptocurrency’s goals, token economy, development team, and roadmap. We’ll also discuss whether Kubecoin is authentic and where to buy it.

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Kube coin review||Kube coin price prediction||is Kube coin legit||

What Is Cube Coin?

KubeCoin was created when there was a high demand for cutting-edge technologies and virtual money. The emerging cryptocurrency KubeCoin, which is transforming the travel and leisure sectors, is widely used and is based on the Cardano blockchain. But from where did this brilliant idea originate? The business for unexpected travel, FlyKube, was where it all started in 2017. The next logical step after FlyKube took off—with 20K+ travelers and 300+ active users—was to launch KubeCoin.

The KubeCoin model’s focus on maximizing scalability and profitability allows for a decrease in administration and operational expenditures. The KubeSystem was given a high utility layer that expresses the company’s objectives and what has to be accomplished going forward. The success of KubeCoin in the market seeks to forge closer ties between the platform and its users.

Other Verticles of Kube Coin

FlyKube was founded in 2017 and unknowingly launched everything. FlyKube is a start-up company that offers unexpected vacations and seeks to alter how people view leisure time. It has expanded its activities over the past four years and is now Europe’s top supplier of surprise vacations. It successfully debuted in seven of the largest European markets (Spain, Portugal, France, Italy, Germany, Austria, and Switzerland) and is currently getting ready to do the same in the US and UK.

Similar in principle, but with a different spin, is EatKube. It changes how individuals interact with their friends and family when they eat out or order takeout, especially when such interactions incorporate amazing surprise culinary experiences. There are plans to improve the brand and further deploy it in the future because it was also quite successful in the European markets.

Use Case Of Kube Coin

The objective of KubeCoin is to integrate it into the hospitality and leisure sectors so that its users can use it to pay for their lodging, meals, and leisure activities in the real world. KubeCoin’s uses are discussed in more detail in the Use Case presented in their Whitepaper, which also contains details of its Kube Marketplace, Kube Swap, Referral program, and Kube Club. In general, KubeCoin is an awards program that runs on their platform and that of their premium global partners so that KubeCoin may support those who are exchanging their coins.

Link Between Cardano and Kube Coin

In 2019, according to Santiment’s 2019 market analysis, which confirms Cardano’s reputation as a forward-thinking and interesting project, the Cardano project was the most actively developed cryptocurrency.

Its use case includes how it can be utilized in many other areas, particularly within education, retail, agriculture, government, finance, and health care. It is such a globally adoptable coin. However, because Cardano is being developed to support a wide range of purposes and to address issues across many industries, its use is not restricted to these applications.

Due to the similarity of KubeCoin’s goals, objectives, and values with those of Cardano, the cryptocurrency was excited to participate in the cryptocurrency’s future adventure. Additionally, given Cardano’s outstanding plan, which you can view here:, this relationship(?) would enable KubeCoin to succeed in the greatest way possible. They have created a recognizable and distinct brand, which inspired KubeCoin’s exciting roadmap ( and showed their goals for long-term success!

The success and development of the cryptocurrency industry depend heavily on Cardano’s reputation as a “blockchain platform for changemakers, innovators, and visionaries, with the tools and technologies required to create the possibility for the many, as well as the few, and bring about positive global change,” and KubeCoin values this chance to be a part of global change and development in order to create a positive global outlook!

Kubecoin tokenomics

Token distributionPercentage
Liquidity locked10%
Ecosystem expansion4%
Public offering36%

Source: The information about Kubecoin tokenomics that was just mentioned was derived from the  Kubecoin official website.

Kube coin review||Kube coin price prediction||is Kube coin legit||

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Kubecoin Usecase

  1. Payment Method: The lowest commissions and millions of users. Utilize cryptocurrencies in your day-to-day life to transmit, receive, and pay for digital payments. instantaneous, simple, and clever. available for Android and iOS.
  1. Real-world use: Use our payment option to pay for anything, from coffee to plane tickets. The default currency for your everyday transactions will be KUBE.
  1. API Blockchain Payment: Bring the future of digital currency payments to your company by integrating our Blockchain Payment Method using our API.
Kube coin review||Kube coin price prediction||is Kube coin legit||

Kubecoin Team

  • Paolo Della Pepa – CEO
  • Marc Parellada – CMO
  • Daniel Martin – CTO
  • Gemma Mengual – Team Leader
  • Milto, Cavz, Andrew – Ambassadors
  • Queen Floyd, Reckss- Moderators

Kubecoin Investors

  • Enisa made investment of 125.000€ as a Public fund.
  • Archipelago Next made investment of 100.000€ as a Venture Capital.
  • Draper B1 made investment of 150.000€ as a Human Venture Capital. 

How to Buy Kubecoin

Users must register on the KubeCoin website and finish the KYC verification in order to buy KubeCoin during the second round of the pre-sale. Once this is done, customers can go to the pre-sale website, select Early Adopters Phase, and then take the following actions:

1. Open their exchange/wallet

2. Buy or use ADA balance

3. Copy the ADA address shown in the Early Adopters page

4. Go to send option in the chosen wallet

5. Choose how much ADA the user would like to send

6. Paste the previously copied address into the address box

7. Complete the transaction

8. Users will see their purchased KubeCoin amount in their profile.

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Details about the second phase

On Wednesday, November 3, 2021, at 8 a.m. UTC, the second pre-sale phase will begin. With 19.200.000 tokens available, or 4% of the supply, the minimum and highest purchase limits are €500 and €50k, respectively.

Is kubecoin legit?

Since the team behind Kubecoin is powerful and they already operate profitable companies like EatKube and FlyKube, it is safe to say that the project is trustworthy. The founders’ main objective is to simply expand their ecosystem across seven sectors.

Is kubecoin safe?

Due to its foundation in the highly secure Cardano network, Kubocoin is secure. It is more secure and safe because of its interaction with the Cardano blockchain and spares Kube customers from high gas expenditures.

Is kubecoin scam?

Given that its founders are real and have prior expertise managing various projects, Kubecoin is not a scam. Additionally, it is connected with the Cardano blockchain, enhancing Kubecoin’s security.

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kubecoin price prediction


Overall, significant details regarding Kubecoin (KUBE), including its price, market cap, and history, were covered. Additionally, it provided information on where to buy Kubecoin and how to do so.

Myths about “Is Kubo Coin Legit or Scam” and “Is Kubo Coin Safe for Investment or Not” are dispelled in this essay.



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