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Who is Julien Stoermer Coleman? Wiki, Age, Sibling, Movies, Instagram, Parents, Networth

Who is Julien Stoermer Coleman? Short Introduction.

Julien Stoermer Cayman, also known as Julien Coleman, is the brother of American actress Zendaya Coleman. He is best known for being the brother of Zendaya Coleman. Because Zendaya Coleman is an American actress who has worked in many movies and television shows, she is very famous, and of which Julianne Stoermer is also famous.

 Julien Stoermer is well known for being a relative of Zendaya Coleman. In this article, I will tell you about Julien Stoermer Coleman’s Life Story, Siblings, Ahead, Net Worth, and many more details that you might not know. Julianne Stoermer Coleman was born on 15 May 1998. According to information in the Internet, Julian Coleman was born in the California city of Oakland, where he grew up with his other siblings.

 The names of her parents are Kembe Ajamu Coleman and Claire Stoermer. He has 5 siblings namely Katiana Stoermer Coleman, Austin Stoermer Coleman, Kelly Stoermer Coleman, and Zendaya Stoermer Coleman. Julianne Stoermer Coleman’s net worth is estimated to be between $500,000 to $800,000.

Julien Stoermer Coleman Bio/Wiki

Name  Julien Stoermer Coleman
Date of Birth15th May 1998
Age24 years
ParentsKazembe Ajamu Coleman (father), Clair Stoermer(mother)
Zodiac signTaurus
SiblingsKatianna Stoermer Coleman, Annabella Stoermer Coleman, Kaylee Stoermer Coleman, Zendaya Stoermer Coleman
EthnicityAfrican American
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Julien Stoermer Coleman Early life 

Julianne Stoermer Coleman is one of 6 children of Claire Stoermer and Cjambe Ajamu Coleman. His mother worked in a theater and His father was a teacher. Whatever fame he has got today, he has got it because of his sister. 

Julien Stoermer Coleman is very private about his life as there is no information available about him on the internet. He does not use Facebook or any kind of social media. He is African American because his mother is American and his father is African.

Julien Stoermer Coleman Education

Because He does not have any social media accounts, there is no information about His educational background on the internet. He may have completed an Elementary and High School Diploma. 

Some sources believe that he is currently an undergraduate student. For now, he would like to complete his studies before becoming an entertainer.

Julien Stoermer Coleman Career

Julien Stormer Coleman has never spoken in the media about his occupation yet, although some people believe that he is in fitness like his father.

And if we talk about her sister Zendaya Coleman, is a famous film and television actress who wants to pursue an acting career.

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Julien Stoermer Coleman’s height

Stoermer Coleman is 5 feet and 8 inches tall. This is a very good height to be an actor. As he does not have any social media accounts, there is no information about her relationship. There is no doubt that he wants to keep his life private. Even though his sister is so famous, he is not ready to bring his private life in front of everyone.

Julien Stoermer Coleman Age

Julien Stoermer Coleman was 24 when this article was last updated. The 15th of May is the day of his birthday. Julien Stoermer Coleman, better known by his nickname, was born a citizen of the United States. Additionally, he is a native of Oakland, California.

Julien Stoermer Coleman Networth

The estimated net worth of Julien Stoermer Coleman ranges from $500k to $800k. His career is how he makes his money.

Julian Stoermer Coleman Relationship Status

It becomes very difficult to know about the personal life of a person who does not have a social media account. The same is the case with Julianne Stoermer Coleman, who does not have any personal information as He does not have any social media accounts.

 Julian Stormer Coleman does not have a Twitter, Instagram, or Facebook account due to which nothing is known about his relationship status which shows that he is very private about his life.

Julien Stoermer Coleman’s parents, Siblings

As per our information, Julian Stoermer Coleman’s father’s name is Kembe Azmu Coleman who is a gym trainer and his mother’s name is Claire Stoermer who is a housewife. If we talk about her siblings, she has 5 siblings namely Zendaya Coleman, Katiana Stormer Coleman, Annabella Stormer Coleman, Austin Stormer Coleman, and Kelly Stormer Coleman.

Austin Stormer Coleman

Austin Stoermer Coleman is the younger brother of Julianne Stoermer Coleman who is very close to his celebrity sister Zendaya Marie Stoermer Coleman.

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Katiana Stormer Coleman

Katiana Stoermer Coleman is the older sister of Zendaya Stoermer Coleman. he is an African American like the rest of the siblings

Annabella Stormer Coleman

Anabella Stoermer Coleman was born in 1999. There is no information available on the internet about her date of birth. Annabella Stormer Coleman is very close to her sister Zendaya.

Kelly Stormer Coleman

Kelly Stoermer Coleman is the youngest of all 6 Coleman siblings or we can also say that she is the youngest member of the Coleman family. To the best of our knowledge, he is still a triplet. She has also been seen at party functions with her sister Zendaya.

Zendaya Coleman

Last but not least, we will talk about Zendaya Marie Stoermer Coleman, about whom the world already knows. The one who can never escape the public eye, the one who tries the hardest to hide her private life because she Is an actress and model.

Zendaya Marie Stoermer Coleman was born in Oakland California. He is African American like the rest of the siblings. If we talk about his date of birth, then he was born on 1st September 1996. His mother Claire Stoermer is of German descent. and her father Kajambe Ajamu is of African descent. 

Which makes Zendaya an African American. Since a young age, Zendaya has been an Emmy-winning actress who has also been in the top 100 Most Influential People Around the World.

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Zendaya’s career as Actress

She began working for Disney as a child star in a number of programs, including Rocky Blue, Shake It Up, and K.C. Undercover.

However, she became well-known in Hollywood after making her screen debut as MJ in Spider-Man: Homecoming. Zendaya continued to work in the Marvel Universe Spider-Man series, including Spiderman Homecoming, Spiderman Far From Home, and Spiderman No Way Home, alongside the most adorable and talented actor Tom Holland, who portrays Spiderman in the Marvel Universe Spiderman series, as she was so highly regarded for her acting and her portrayal of her character. Zendaya and actor Tom Holland started dating during this Spider-Man series. They are still a very well-known, well-liked, and ridiculously adorable pair in Hollywood.

movies and television series starring Zendaya

  1. The greatest showman
  2. Spider-Man Homecoming
  3. Spider-Man Far from Home
  4. Spider-Man no way home
  5. Malcolm & Marie
  6. Dune
  7. Zapped
  8. 24 Jump street
  9. Challengers
  10. Miss Americana
  11. Shake it up: Made in Japan
  12. Euphoria
  13. Rocky blue
  14. KC undercover
  15. Shake it up

Voice-acting roles that Zendaya has had in films

  1. Pixie Hollow Games
  2. Super buddies
  3. Small Foot
  4. Spies in disguise
  5. Space Jam: A new legacy
  6. Duck duck goose
  7. Little door Gods
  8. Megalopolis


Who is Julien Stoermer Coleman?

Julien Stoermer Coleman is the brother of Zendaya Coleman.

How many siblings does Zendaya have?

 Zendaya has five siblings, Julien Stoermer Coleman, Katiana Stormer Coleman, Annabella Stormer Coleman, Austin Stormer Coleman, and Kelly Stormer Coleman.

Does Zendaya have a younger brother?

Yes, Julien Stoermer Coleman

Who was Zendaya’s first BF?

 Adam Irigoyen was Zendaya’s first boyfriend.

WHO adopted Zendaya?

Zendaya is not an adoptive child. Zendaya Maree Stoermer Coleman is her full name. Additionally, her parents are Oakland natives Kazembe Ajamu Coleman and Clare Stoermer. Her parents were both employed as teachers.



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