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Is Rules For Werewolves on Netflix?

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Regrettably, Netflix does not yet have the movie Rules for Werewolves. The movie Rules for Werewolves is not currently accessible via streaming services like Netflix, Prime Video, Disney+, Hulu, or hbo Max.

Rules For Werewolves

Genre: Drama, Fantasy

Release date : 2020-03-13

User Rating : 6.3/10 from 3 rating 

Imdb : 8.1

Runtime: 0h 10m

Language: English

Production company: Canada, USA

Director: Geremy Schaulin Rioux


The parallel storyline of Rules for Werewolves examines a young wolf pack of post-recession house squatters. During a pack B&E/household takeover, Tanya, a new recruit, leads us through a whirling throng of youths who are stealing their various wants and needs into color-coded backpacks. Bobert is heard repeatedly. He’s telling a tale from his troubled past before discovering (or even creating) the werewolves, which slightly mimics Tanya’s journey and provides background information. His tale circles the group, shedding light on the relationships between art and artists, hope, community, and loneliness. The children have vanished by the time the police arrive, but the pack has left someone (or something) behind. — Jeremy Schaulin-Rioux

Is Rules For Werewolves on Prime Video

Regrettably, Prime Video Also does not yet have the movie Rules for Werewolves. 

Where to Watch Rules for werewolves 

You can watch rules for werewolves on different websites available online . you can download movies here CLICK HERE



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